Pay as you grow pricing

All plans start with a 14-day free trial cancel, upgrade or downgrade anytime.


$19 USD

Per month

For video bloggers and startups, get started with video engagement. Get video hubs and vidget embeds for free, limited bandwidth.

  • All of our standard features
  • Hosted video hubs on your custom domain
  • Basic video analytics
  • Upto 50 Imported videos
    find and embed videos from video sites like YouTube
  • Upto to 30 hosted videos
  • 100 GB bandwidth / 100 GB storage

Use videos from YouTube, Vimeo or Facebook, Custom Domains


$49 USD

Per month

For professionals and small teams, engage with your branded video sites and embeds with pay as you grow bandwidth pricing.

  • All of the features in individual plan
  • Gather content with video challenges
  • Fully responsive hosted video sites with your custom domain
  • Video encoding and streaming
  • Video analytics
  • Upto 250 Imported videos
    find and embed videos from video sites like YouTube
  • Starting at 50 hosted videos
    more videos at 25¢ per video
  • 300 GB bandwidth / 300 GB storage
    overage at 15¢ per GB
  • 300 GB storage
    extra storage at 15¢ per GB

Use videos from YouTube, Vimeo or Facebook, Custom Domains


starting at

$349 USD

Per month

Empower User generated content. Engage with your customers or employees with video. Gather video stories from your users, and distribute across social media.

  • All of our standard features
  • Advanced subscribers management
  • Hosted video challenges
  • Multiple team members, detailed tracking
  • Advanced video analytics
  • Unlimited imported videos
  • Unlimited hosted*
  • Custom bandwidth*
  • Custom storage*
  • *custom additional storage and bandwidth plans,
    or connect your own AWS account

Use videos from YouTube, Vimeo or Facebook, Custom Domains



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Individuals and businesses just like you are loving Vimix

Vimix is built for Individuals becoming Brands, and Brands becoming Social

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  • One of my top priorities is to keep my social channels filled in with relevant content. The way Vimix improves the end-to-end workflow for video, its amazing.

    Ellyn Winters-Robinson
    CEO at Ignition
  • YouTube is great but doesn’t allow a tailored experience for our audience. Even if we put something on YouTube, we’ll need to go to Social Media and tell people about it constantly. And now Facebook, Twitter and other platforms are emerging - so doesn’t make sense to rely on just YouTube or any of these media.

    Kelsey Goldberg
  • Vimix helped us create our brand presence quickly with a mix of curated and our own content. Now that we can see what our audience wants, we can create our own content with little guesswork.

    Allison McAtee
    Co-Founder, AK47Presents

Frequently Asked Questions

What makes Vimix different from free choices like Vimeo or YouTube?

Vimix is your complementary tool to other free video platforms - this where your audience can relate to your brand. Vimix is your dashboard to manage content curation from any platform, showcasing with your brand on top and then distributing clips or modified content to other social platforms.

The traffic that you generate from social distribution funnels to your Vimix hub, and can be used to generate leads, engage your users or sell your services. We provide dedicated customer support based on selected plan; we let you control your videos showcase; we do not put our logo on our player; and we provide all the tools you need for video marketing and security.

Do I choose a plan now?

No, you do not need to pick a pricing plan at this time. After you have tested out all our great features during the free trial period, you will be able to review our pricing options and select the best plan for your needs when you are ready to buy.

Can I change my plan?

Yes, you can upgrade or downgrade your subscription plan at anytime. There are no penalties or fees for doing so. In fact, we prorate your monthly billing accordingly, because we love you.

Can I cancel?

Yes, you can cancel your video hosting account with us at anytime, but we will be very sad to see you go!

Do I need a credit card to start my trial?

No, we do not require your credit card information to open a free trial account. You just enter your name and email address, and create a password. It is as simple as that. If you choose to activate your trial account, you will select a plan and enter your credit card information at that time.

What happens once my trial ends?

When your trial ends, you are prompted to activate your Vimix account so you can continue working with your awesome videos on our platform. If you do not activate when the 14 day free trial is complete, the videos in your account will stop playing. You will have 21 days to activate your account after the end of your trial before your account is closed and the videos in your account are deleted.

What is bandwidth and how is it calculated?

Bandwidth refers to the amount of data that streams from our servers to your viewers’ computers when they play one of your videos. Bandwidth is measured in terms of GB. Each month, you prepay for a certain amount of bandwidth that corresponds to the subscription plan you select. As an example of how it is calculated, if you had a 10 MB video that was watched 10 times, you would use 100 MB of bandwidth.

What support is available to me?

As a Vimix account holder, you can reach our support through email, slack channel, support tickets or via Contact us.

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